Spiritual Journey

Visit the Eco Yoga Ashrams of Swami B.A. Paramadvaiti, one of the pionner of Spiritual Sanctuaries in South America. There you can learn about the beautiful culture of the Vedas, of the Love for God, Nature and for all beings.

Come as a volunteer or as a pilgrim. Live this experience through the Bhakti Yoga, Devotional Service.

Don"t miss out a life expierience. Living with monks, the life of service and eco awareness is unique. Learning to be part of the solution and help develop compassion for the animals is part of the lessons you will learn here.

Learn to live in a rural ashram community. Rising early and chanting mantras. Get to know the beautiful old Indian Vedic way of invocations and purifications. Learn to understand the area of common interest. Represented by a spiritual responsible person a community will focus on what is good for all. That is the nessesary step in life to learn to give up selfishness.

To gain the selfesteem of a person responsible for others is a real leadership step in life. Learn how to grow your own food and recicle the energy around you. Make simple living and high thinking a real expierience of yours.

Sanctuaries are not nessesarily very comfortable. Camping or simple lifestile like sleeping in sleepingbags on simple mats, sharing the room with others shall not shock you. Sanctuaries of Soouth America are the places to learn the heart to heart connection with the other members and friends.

Visit our centers along the Andes and other places.